Monday, 16 July 2012

The South West Trains Montage of Misery 7th - 16th July 2012

Thank you to so many of you for continuing to send me your pictures for the South West Trains Montage of Misery. As I always say, this isn't just a place for me to moan, I would rather it was a collective way for us all to document just how rubbish South West Trains are.

If this is your first viewing, it is a Montage of all that is crepe about South West Trains. If you're wondering why I keep using the term 'South West Trains', it is an attempt to get Google to notice me more. Hey, google, over here, cooee!

Back to subject, this week's South West Trains Montage of Misery documents:

- A tongue in cheek protest by cycling commuters. (Last Monday, South West Trains went from saying no non-folding bikes AT ALL would be allowed to travel during the Olympics, to completely changing their mind by Friday. Most amusing). Would a kids bike be allowed to travel?
- The state of certain station platforms. More Chessington World of Tip Juice, then adventures
- Overcrowding, or what we now like to call 'normality' on South West Trains
- Overrunning engineering works. Which now happen so regularly they should just be called 'daily engineering works'.
- People in Ashford, Surrey wanted to take the train and go and see the Olympic Torch. South West Trains didn't duly oblige.
- The continuing Curious Incident of the South West Trains cars in Weybridge car park (has been going on since March, see original blog post here for more info)

As always, all pictures are really much appreciated. The only ones I do not publish are 'personal' ones (so any about staff doing the wrong thing, or those that focus solely on an individual. This isn't because I don't think individuals should be held to account, but more because I don't think it is my place to be the one to hold them there.

Any new ones to add for the next time, please either email me or tweet me @my6percent


  1. Sorry, what is so curious about "South West Trains" cars in the car park at Weybridge? There have been lots (and lots) of overnight and weekend work going on there recently, so it is inevitable that the Balfour Beatie and Network Rail staff would be there during the day getting things ready......

    or would you rather that Weybridge junction falls apart and you have to go via Hounslow for eternity?

    Oh and Google Panda means that it is doubtful you will get very far just spamming South West Trains anymore. In fact too many mentions will make the bots hate you and disappear.

  2. Hello commenter, thanks so much for taking the time to do so.

    To clarify: The problem with Weybridge (and bear in mind I am highlighting this on behalf of others) is this: It has been going on for at least 5 months and sometimes means paying customers are unable to use and, to best of my knowledge, are not reimbursed.

    Of course I wouldn't rather Weybridge falls apart. But I think that was one of those dramatic questions asked in rhetorical form?

    As for spamming... Ha ha. I would hope I am far removed from a Spam bot. Or even, a Panda!

  3. Hi My6Percent

    I think what your anonymous friend is saying is not that your a spambot, but how Google sees it. The problem is these days that by continually posting SWT into what you right will not improve your blogs ranking in Google like it used to and the algorithm that Google uses now can penalise you if it thinks that you are just pumping the phrase as much as you can to get ranking.

    The phrase "South West Trains" probably has a lot of competition from big hitting websites, what you might need to do to get noticed is work it more with associated keywords specific to the company. There are lots of things you can do to improve on your "Google Rank" and we could talk about it for reems and reems of text but that would be heading into the realms of SEO, LSI and other three letter acronyms.