Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Big Society

Having witnessed one of the greatest sporting weekends in living history for Britain, it would seem churlish to moan about trains. So I won't. 

In fact South West Trains have been remarkably quiet on my route. Plus obviously, we have the lollies. Well, we don't, but the #lollywatch is on and that's a rather splendid touch by South West Trains at London Waterloo. They're strawberry splits, in case you were wondering. 

But even more anti-moany this week has been the real success of #Fridayshoes (if you don't know what I'm on about, see previous blog). Not only did we commuters manage to raise £260 out of nowhere for a small and very grateful charity (The Tree of Hope), but even my nemesis, the former root of all Signal failures, geese on the line and weather issues, the MD of South West Trains, agreed to match what we'd made. 

I'm sure some could question the gesture, but in the spirit of the Olympics, I am not one of them. I couldn't care less about an ice lolly, but offering cash to help a great cause will stick with me; won't stop me continuing crusade for fairer compo, better service etc. 

But it will stay with me. Thank you South West Trains, I'm very grateful.

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