Friday, 6 July 2012

The South West Trains Montage of Misery 3rd - 6th July

Wow. Even the Montage of Misery appears to be attracting some love from you. Thank you for continuing to send these through. There are some absolute crackers. So many, in fact that I've had to forego the usual 'once a fortnight' rule for new Montages and put up a new one only 4 days after the last.

This one documents:

  • The continued and worsening severe overcrowding (many having to stand for over an hour on a daily basis)
  • The issue of bikes - should they be allowed at peak time? What services can they be brought on? Should they use up 4 seats when others are standing?
  • Great shot found by @jdgwarren of the goose on the loose - a few months old, but amusing nevertheless.
  • The continued problem of the unusable car park, which has been going on since March (see this blog for more info The Curious Incident of the Trucks in the Car Park)
  • And, for your amusement, a most enormous beanbag

If this is the first time you've looked at this, it's a montage of all that is shockingly awful about South West Trains. You go on them though, so you probably know this already. If you have any you'd like to add to the next round (which by this rate will come tomorrow!), please do send them to me: @my6percent or email me at

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