Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My 6%

Rail fares went up by 6% on January 1st 2012.  

Service levels up? 


Capacity increased?


Less delays?  


Compensation for delays? 

No. 20% of my journeys on South West Trains since 1st January 2012, have been delayed (5mins+) or cancelled.
And so we will have this infinitum for ever and ever. In today's Top news story, Rail fares are to increase by another 6% next January. 

Is there really nothing that can be done? Is this it? Surely someone out there has a great idea for some form of protest that doesn't impinge or break laws, but does give decent coverage to help the cause? 
Help required. Apply within.


  1. The best approach is to petition the government. While the rail companies always take the heat from commuters fare increases come from a formula devised by the DfT which train operators are bound by.

    Your friday shoes has really taken off, perhaps the next step for your blog is to start a campaign against the government to address this? If a petition gets submitted to Downing Street with more than 100,000 signatures (might need to check that figure) it must be debated in parliament. With 96million passenger journeys through London Waterloo every year I'm sure you could raise that many signatures easily.

  2. I wish I could! But it's incredibly difficile to transfer conversations on twitter into action. Plus I'm really not sure how much sway I hold by these 'must be debated in parliament' idea. Whenever I watch a debate in parliament, it always descends into:

    Paper waving, loud cheers and groans, and politicians making sly little digs to one another.

    So glad they're running the country!